Saxophone competition

Saxophone competition

Finale (28.10.2022)

Morgane Caspers 15:00

Simon Fluri 15:30

Jérôme Dejardin 16:00

Chi Pok Lee 16:30

Luis Salomè 17:00

F. Xaver Gumpenberger 17:30

Rehearse with pianist (28.10.2022)

Morgane Caspers 09:00

Simon Fluri 09:30

Jérôme Dejardin 10:00

Chi Pok Lee 10:30

Luis Salomè 11:00

F. Xaver Gumpenberger 11:30




Morgane Caspers
Simon Fluri
Jérôme Dejardin
Chi Pok Lee
Luis Salomè
F. Xaver Gumpenberger

The Cross-Border Association promotes music within the Euregio and promotes also the young talented musicians from the Euregio. The association gives the opportunity through music to visit the tourist locations organising concerts in beautiful venues.

The competition is open to all young musicians of every nationality until the age of 29 years old. 


The competition will take place with a first round in ONLINE mode and the second round will take place on Friday the 28th. of October 2022 afternoon, in Brixen, at the Seminario Maggiore, Via del Seminario 4, venue of the Saxfest. Six candidates will be selected for the final round.

There will be only one category until the age of 29. 

For the age it will be taken into consideration the day of the competition.


Round 1

1. One piece from the following list of works:

  • Therry Escaich: Lutte
  • Paul Bonneau: Caprice en form de Valse
  • Kenji Sakai: Initial S
  • Luciano Berio: sequenza 7b
  • Luciano Berio: sequenza 9b
  • Christian Lauba: uno studio scelto tra “9 studi”
  • Christian Lauba: Hard 
  • Vincent David: Pulse
  • Ryo Noda: Mai
  • Jeanin Rueff: Sonata
  • Giacinto Scelsi: Tre pezzi
  • Victor Morosco: Blue Caprice
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen: In Freundschaft 
  • Besty Jolas: Episode quatrième 
  • Chistoph Havel: Oxyton
  • Gordan Tudor: Quartet tone waltz


2. One original free chosen piece for saxophone. 

The chosen piece can be either for solo sax or with accompaniment.

Maximum video of 20 minutes including both pieces. The candidate could also present individual movements of a work.

Final Round:

  • Darius Milhaud: Scaramouche for saxophone and orchestra (with Piano)


Candidates will have the possibility to play with the pianists of the saxfest and with a rehearsal included  in the inscription’s price.

The candidate can also bring his own pianist. All costs are in charge of the candidate or of the pianist.



If the candidate decides to rehearse and play with the pianists of the festival, there will be a max 20 minutes rehearsal on the 27 th of October afternoon or the 28th morning. Day and time of the rehearsal will be uploaded on the festival website in the section Saxfest 2022/Saxophone competition.



The video must be no longer than 20 minutes including both pieces. Individual movements of a work are accepted. 

Files for the first round are to be sent via wetransfer to info@cross-border.it.

You may send two separate files, camera angle must be fixed and with original audio.

No editing of either audio or video is allowed. 

The file must not exceed 2 Gb.

Minimum resolution: 640x480 pixel.

Format: mp4 only



If the candidates applies to the masterclasses and courses of Alpen Classica Saxfest the competition’s application is FOR FREE. For the other candidates the fee for the application is 122,00 euro.



IBAN: IT 60 Q 08163 35000 00021011473


REQUIRED INFORMATIONS: Name - Family Name- Date of birth - living address - accomodation’s days - Contacts


1st Prize

  • Performance with Alpen Classica euregio symphony orchestra of Darius Milhaud: “Scaramouche” for saxophone and orchestra the 30th of October by the Saxfest Gala closing concert.
  • Recital during the Prisma Festival 2022 season. The concert is paid 1.000 euro.The accomodation’s expenses on the day of the concert are covered by the festival.

The travel-costs are in charge of the winner. If the candidate wants to bring his one pianist or colleague, the costs are in charge of the candidate.

2nd Prize

  • Recital during Alpen Classica Festival 2022 season. The concert is payed 500 euro.The accomodation’s expenses on the day of the concert are covered by the festival.

The travel-costs are in charge of the winner. If the candidate wants to bring his one pianist or colleague for the concert, the costs are in charge of the candidate.

3rd Prize

  • Gadgets
  • Diploma



Candidates have to download the application form on www.alpenclassicafestival.com section Saxfest 2022/Saxophone competition

After filling the form, please send it to the following address with the following informations: info@cross-border.it

  • Name
  • Family Name
  • Codice Fiscale – inaurante number
  • Date of birth
  • Living address
  • Accomodation’s period
  • Contacts
  • Categories of the competition


The competition is open to all nationalities.

Application’s deadline : 28 September 2022

Results for the second round will be announced by 2 October 2022.


The organisation provides an overnight accommodation facility, which is the same facility where the competition and all the saxfest activities are located. Should the candidate wish to make use of the facility, please contact the organisation ad soon as you know the result of the first round.  

The auditions of the second round are open to the public in compliance with the health regulations in force at the time of the competition.


The auditions are opened to the public respecting all covid rules.
There will be a practice room available for the candidates 20 minutes before the performance.
The performances can be recorded in different ways (foto, audio, video etc.)
The organisation can change the rules of the festival or cancel a category of the competition if the application number is not enough.
For all categories the candidates have to bring at least 3 copies of the works played and also a proof of identity. 

The jury can ask again to repeat a section of the performance or ask to completely repeat the performance if necessary.
The audition schedule will be uploaded on the festival website www.alpenclassicafestival.com (section saxfest 2022).
The rehearsal with the orchestra for the winner will be organised on the 29th of October in the afternoon.
The winners’ concerts are organised by the association Cross-Border.
The payment of the concerts will be transferred after the performance.
The organisation is not responsible for any damages which could happen to the candidates during the event and the concerts.
In case of cancellation the fee will not be refunded.
The candidates have to respect all covid restrictions in force at the time of the competition from the Italian and the European government.
The sending of the application means the acceptance of all rules.



The sending of the informations is voluntary but necessary to for the concert’s payment.
The sending of the application means the acceptance of all private information treatments .

The organisation uses the personal datas only for the event’s purposes.
The data will not be sent to thirds

The organisation has the exclusive right to use the media material

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