The project

The project

World-renowned classical music to the benefit of all

Founded in 2016, it is the first Euroregional festival of classical music. The event is organised in all three regions, namely Trentino, South Tyrol and Tyrol. The valleys hosting the festival are the Val di Sole in Trentino, the Valle Isarco in South Tyrol and the Inntal in Tyrol.

The Concept

2016 is the year of the first edition of a festival in which all three regions of the Euregio are included: Trentino, South Tyrol and Tyrol. The festival is comprised of two parts: further training courses available for all musicians, and concerts that will take place in different locations. Chamber music, courses for string and brass instruments, workshops and labs are the core of this new project. The focus lies especially on the promotion of the musicians, the artists and the Euregio itself. The participants will obtain the opportunity to advance their skills by working together with young professional musicians from the region and from all over the world. Beside this very important improvement aspect, the festival will also contribute significantly to the valorisation of the Euregio thanks to the high quality of the artistic and musical traits of the event. Furthermore, the festival will help to show the beauties and uniqueness of the three Regions in which musical activity has been taking place for centuries.

Master classes

The festival includes masterclasses for musicians of all backgrounds: brass bands, conservatories, music schools, music universities. The master classes will be held by world-renowned professional musicians and music teachers during the entire length of the festival (10 days). We are happy to announce the participation of class instructors from Trentino, South Tyrol and Tyrol, but also from other parts of Italy and countries such as Chile, Russia, Japan, Serbia: a gathering of musicians from different cultures and with different music experiences who will contribute significantly to the success of the event and of the exchange among the participants during the 10 days.


Each annual edition of the festival will take place in a different location: The kick off will take place in Trentino this year, the following editions in South Tyrol and Tyrol. The single events within the festival, though, will not take place in cities or bigger residential areas, but will rather be located in smaller valleys in the three regions. The objects in which the concerts will be held are natural sites and historical monuments such as castles, churches, fortresses, antique houses, old mills.

Social aspects of the project

Beside the focus which is placed on the Euregio brass bands, the festival also includes a series of concerts and other events. One of the goals of these events is to bring music to environments such as retirement homes in order to give people who might not be very mobile the opportunity to enjoy excellent music and the festive atmosphere.

The education  programme

A significant part of the festival programme are also concerts for children which can be attended for free, and are  played by professional musicians with a lot of experience and unique approaches to music. 

Young people and the festival

At the heart of the festival concept are young people. New impulses and ideas, concentration on the youth and their contribution are the core and the starting point of this project.

Due to its conception and the structure, the festival offers excellent opportunities for young musicians from the Euregio to collect experiences at such a big event, both from the perspectives of culture and language.

Young people will be part of a project, for which the following conditions apply:

  • The majority of the music teachers/instructors will be as young as possible
  • Young people from the Euregio will obtain the possibility to attend classes with internationally renowned musicians at minimal cost.
  • The concept of the festival includes 40 young people who will play a major role in the implementation of the event. By participating, the young people get the chance to meet people from all over the world and experience cultural and linguistic exchange with them.
  • There will also be concerts for children from education institutions. The goal of these concerts is the awakening of interest of young people for music and the cultura musicale

Alpen Classica Saxfest

Every year since 2017, the association has organised an autumn event dedicated entirely to Adoplhe Sax and his ingenious invention, the youngest wind instrument ever invented: the saxophone. In cooperation with the Konservatorium Innsbruck and its saxophone professor Michael Krenn, the association organize master classes, concerts, workshops and clinics for Euregio- and international saxophonists. The flagship of the festival is also the presence of the Euroregional orchestra Alpen Classica, with the orchestra Euthaleia in residence, which always participates in the final gala of the event, accompanying the teachers of the Masterclasses and making the festival one of the few at the international level to favour a symphony orchestra to promote the symphonic saxophone repertoire.


Overall goals of the project

The overall goal is to implement a festival, which will lead to valorisation of the three regions within the Euregio, in which there is still but little musical activity of high quality. Furthermore, the musicians get the chance to spread their artistic production. The visualisation of the activity of the single young musicians will subsequently lead to the broadening of their artistic horizons, thus being an investment into the future artistic output and activity, both in the region and internationally.

Beside the importance for the cultural and artistic aspects, the festival should also contribute to the touristic valorisation of the regions, especially of their valleys in which so far less musical activity than in larger living areas has taken place. Thus, the festival can be seen as an investment, important not only for culture and music, but also for the region itself.

Tourism and cultural identity 

The valleys in which the festival will take place do not only provide ideal sites for the event, but they also have a big touristic and cultural potential: both due to their excellent location, but also due to the numerous artistic and architectonic structures that can be found here. These structures are of great historic value that is worth (re)discovering by both tourist and locals. The festival is the core of this big projects which 1) will bring music of best quality to the region, 2) gives the possibility to both young musicians and locals from the nearby valleys to learn by getting in contact with excellent professional musicians and 3) gives tourists the chance to get to know this Alpine region.

The overall task of the festival, therefore, is to offer the possibility for locals, tourists and guests of the festival to get in closer touch with classical music of excellent quality.