Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

How much is the registration fee?

You will find all relevant prices in the menu "Prices" . Passive participants are requiered to pay €50,00. This fee does NOT include meals and accommodation.

What is the registration deadline?

The deadline for the registration is the 10 of july 2022.

Regulations/rules of the event

The classes are intended for musicians and ensembles of all nations and ages. They will be organised according to the class dates and the parameters explained in the following description. Thanks to the financial support of the province, students of the schools and conservatories and brass-band members from the Euregio can visit the classes at reduced prices. A distinction is made between active and passive participants. General regulations are applied for all courses; for the chamber music classes there are additional specific rules. The instructors will determine the schedules and the durations of the classes. Students are required to let the organisers know about their dates and times of arrival and departures so that they can be taken into consideration when making the schedule. Classes that students miss due to the lack/non-provision of these pieces of information will not be refunded. The repertoire that the students will work on will be determined in consultation with the instructors at the beginning of the classes. Some instructors will be supported by their assistants and/or other staff members. In all cases, determining the class schedule is the instructors’ responsibility. When filling in the online registration students should include information on the repertoire that they would like to work on (in the entry field or as attachment). Furthermore, the students should attach a copy of the scores for the pianist (do not submit them after the registration deadline!). Please also bring a hard copy of the scores to class.

Who will take part in the masterclasses?

The enrolment in the desired class(es) is confirmed by conduction of the money transfer as stated in the information on how to pay the class fee. The transfer should be done at the same time (same day) as the online-registration.

Should there be more registrations than places available; the place assignment will be done based to the chronology of the registrations. There is no right of appeal/objection to the place assignment that will be conducted by the organisers. All active participants are entitled to passive participation in all other classes for free. Not only individual musicians, but also groups and ensembles can take classes. Information on prices for groups and numbers of places available can be found in the section “Ensembles”. A just passive participation is also possible, but must be registered for online, too. Passive participants will have access to all classes.

How long does the course last?

The classes will take place between the dates shown on this website. 

The student concerts

The organisers and the instructors will decide whether an additional concert, which will be played by the participants, will be organised. This is why all participants should bring concert adequate clothes to the event.

Chamber music

The instructors are chosen by the organisers. The chamber music classes are available for all students, but it is required that interested students provide information on their interest in the online registration. For groups that will be formed at the event, it is possible to use the classes of the individual musicians as group lessons with the instructors. For organisational reasons, this should be arranged with the organisers.

Are you from abroad?

Residence/stay regulations for aliens in Italy.Participants from non-EU countries are required to submit a copy of their medical insurance certificate to the organisers.

Registration conditions

The registration deadline is the 10th of july, 2022. The registration can only be complete online, on the festival website and will be considered valid only if ALL required information is provided and all the necessary documents are attached and submitted. After filling in your data and attaching the necessary documents, the submission is completed easily by a mouse-click. Please consult the figures with the different class prices. Students, groups and bands from the Euregio should also submit an enrolment/membership certificate so that they can visit the courses at reduced prices. Groups/ensembles should register for the classes online by one person (member of the group) only. Please behold that although the registration is completed by only one person, the group price applies (see figures with prices). Behold! Groups must register online for the classes. All group members except for the person who completes the online-registration are required to bring hard copies of the documents necessary for the registration to the event.

What should I attach when registering?

The following documents should be included in the online registration as attachments:

  1. a passport photograph
  2. a copy/scan of a valid personal ID or passport
  3. scores for the pianist
  4. medical insurance certificate
  5. *for students, groups and bands from the Euregio: enrolment/membership certificates

Depending on the number of registrations received there might be a possibility for passive participants to register after 15th of July, too (information will be made available on the website).

How to conduct the payment.

Full prepayment via transfer to the bank account of the cultural association:

Associazione culturale “Cross-Border” Via Arnago 42, 38027 Malè Fr. Magras Trento, Italy

Bank details: Cassa Rurale Val di Sole

IBAN: IT80X0816335000000210311473


Please include the following information when conducting the payment:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Instrument
  • Masterclass (please mention the instrument)
  • Duration of stay
  • Contact Info


The priesterseminar in Brixen is the official location in which the master classes will take place and the official accommodation of the festival. The accommodation is booked by completing the online registration. This is why it is very important to state your dates of arrival and departure in your online registration. For further information and confirmation on your booking please contact us at info@alpenclassicafestival.com


The accommodation fee is € 60 in a double or triple room per day, and includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the abbey of Stams, the location of the masterclasses.

Single room surcharge: € 15.00 per person per day

Meals for externs: 15.00 per person (to pay direct there)

The accommodation fee includes also free use of all practice rooms at the instutite. 

Personal injury/damage and accidents. 

The organising association shall not be liable for damages to/injuries of and accidents of a third party that are caused by the participants and happen during the event, i.e.  July-December 2022. The participants are exclusively responsible for any personal injury/damage and accidents. For further information please contact us at: info@alpenclassicafestival.com