Dylan Morelato

Dylan Morelato

Video and lighting technician

Born in Bolzano in 2000, he is a student at the Institute IISS Galileo Galieli (BZ) at the electronic address. Having been in touch with technology and computers since he was a child, he has deepened these interests over the years, particularly software. Dedicating himself day by day in discovering of technology, he has developed more or less specialized knowledge in various areas.

His computer knowledge ranges from software programming to digital graphics, and mostly what regards audio and video editing. He has worked as a video editor in several occasions, carrying on this passion for many years. He taught in an extra-curricular course, for other students, to disseminate the basic techniques of this activity. In addition to video editing, he also works in the field of digital image manipulation and is venturing into the world of special effects.

Since 2016 he has been studying piano and digital music production.